However, a charity relies on your support to continue their work in the community. And Hope of Victims is no different. So why should you donate?

Giving to a charity helps make our community a better place to live by helping to provide goods and services to people who may not otherwise have access to them. Assisting us with its donations drives, goes a long way to helping us make resources available to the boys on our programmes.
Tax deductions - When you donate to a charitable organization or a non-profit group, the amount you donate is tax deductible. Through tax deductions, not only are you supporting your community and impacting the lives of people who need your help, but you are also enjoying the benefits of a lower tax bill.​ We would welcome your enquiries on how this works, email our finance team for details.
Personal Satisfaction - With so many charities across the globe, it makes it easy to find an organization that has personally affected you or your family. For example, many of us know or have a connection to a service man or woman. With supporting a programme such as The Character Company, you are able to gain an understanding of the importance of Fathers and the role that our Mentors play in the lives of young boys with absent fathers.

Becoming involved in philanthropy by supporting local and global charities is needed now more than ever. Since the economic downturn in 2008, charities have seen a dip in donations.

Some non-profits are hurting more than others, but for many organisations the goal remains clear to help make the community and the world a better place for all. Talk to us about how you can get involved and what you can do to make a difference.

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