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Hope of Victims is duly registered Civic based charitable institution with the companies and Intellectual property Commission of South Africa No. 2017/523669/08 and NPO No. 205557. It is registered as a non-profit making institution and its business is not restricted. It is welfare institution passionate about the vulnerable members of society especially children and women, with a bias of creating an enabling environment that will ensure they thrive to their full potential and contribute into the societies they live in meaningfully. The institution operates to safe guard these special interest groups through the provision of basic needs and necessities that ensures their full potential.



  • RESTORE HEALTH - Throughout Africa, the orphan crisis affects children in ways that have a direct physical impact on their lives.
  • RESTORE FUTURE - Children waiting to find a loving family do not often view their future with great optimism or hope. The foundational core for self-preservation is often the driving force behind behavior and can also influence the mechanisms a child uses to cope with stress.
  • RESTORE EDUCATION - While many children impacted by the orphan crisis may continue to have access to an education, the reality for most is that the hope of gaining an education and the long-term benefits that follow it are often very much at-risk.
  • RESTORE HOPE - There is no greater gift that families can give than to restore the presence of love, security, and connection to a waiting child through adoption.

Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life. 

RUTH MBALE - Founder

To provide and become the most accommodative haven (orphanage)

for vulnerable groups (children and women) in South Africa, through care, support, protection and foster to reach the boarders of SADC region while providing service that is second to none per excellence.

We work with a range of public, and private organizations

Including the Department of Social Development, the Department of Home Affairs, the South African
National Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse (SANCA), various child care forums, Sports
Hub, Scouts Training, and Love Life.

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